Sherman Elementary School


As of Friday (9/6), the field and playscape remain closed and off limits. However, the playscape was tested on Friday, so fingers crossed we hear something about both areas, soon. As such, we will continue with recess on the blacktop area, and we’re utilizing a variety of appropriate play equipment during that time, such as chalk, numerous balls, jump ropes, etc. 

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We want to welcome you all to a new school year, especially our kindergarten friends who are joining the Sherman family for the first time. We are very excited to be seeing you soon and we can’t wait for you to join us on this exciting journey. As such, we wanted to inform you of some important information pertaining to the new school year, as well as recent hires and those new members who will be joining the Sherman family of staff.

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I hope that you are relishing the summer and that you are making the time to enjoy family and friends before the school year begins again. In typical fashion, this has been quite a busy summer to date and will get busier from hereon forward. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed the company of my brother and his family who came to visit from England. Having not seen him for six years, it was nice to catch up and spend some time together

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